Tiia (finnstardust) wrote,

Quick, quick...

A very quick fly-by post from Darwin, Internet time is running out...It's been nice and warm here for the past week, though quite windy so not as bad as I expected. It's quite small so there isn't much to do, and I think that by the time one has been in every location mentioned in Lonely Planet's "Sights" section, it's time to move on...

Went to Kakadu National Park for a day tour last Saturday, it was very pretty. Pics will be somewhere at some point. Next stop is Cairns, flight goes at 5.20 tomorrow morning. Have to catch the airport shuttle at 2.45 am. Fun times. Will be interesting to see how much extra luggage Jetstar will let me take and how much I might have in the first place.

Must go...computer's kicking me out.
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