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I think I'm poor...

Holy mother. I probably should be used to the price of things in Australia by now, but still they shock me every single day. I don't know why. Maybe it's because before I came over, people were saying I would find it cheaper than back home. Yeah, that's the biggest lie of the century.

Maybe I'm just over-vigilant over spending money (which I know I am) but when I go to a shopping mall and the only places I can afford to buy clothes are Target and K-Mart, there is something wrong with the picture. And it's not just Sydney either, though I'm there right now, I've discovered the same thing consistently over the past four months. Even in bloody England I was able to afford more stuff than here, including clothes. It's madness. And don't even get me started about food...

Heading to Adelaide tomorrow, on a train romantically named The Indian Pacific. Australia's great train journeys...we'll see how great it is when it comes to trying to sleep in the train. As it takes 25 hours to get to Adelaide. I actually managed to sleep a little on the overnight train from Melbourne, though I was sick - my stomach's been a little funny ever since the accident and I spent a couple of hours in the beginning of the trip in the toilet throwing up. Feeling sick in the train when it's all shaky and jerky is the best thing in the world...not.

Anyone seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet? I might go see it in Adelaide, though ticket prices are not making it especially tempting.


May. 31st, 2008 12:26 am (UTC)
US is really cheap compared to here, yeah. I'm worried now I won't be able to buy my souvenir T-shirts...:)