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Definitely never auditioning for Big Brother...

Aarghbleurgh....*flops down on keypad*

Am sick-ish. Seems like the flu is doing rounds in our Big Brother house complex - yes, that's what it feels like when you've been living, working, eating, everything with the same 10 or so people for nearly five weeks. I seriously need to get out of here...

Might get out next weekend, if I'm lucky. There isn't much work left, and last week was crap anyway: Monday off because of the rain, Thursday off because frigging GPS (they use GPS to find out the exact location where the trees are to be planted, can you believe that?) wasn't working. Days off in a town of 1000 people are pure hell, I can tell you that. And today's another one...

I have no idea what's going on in the lives of my dear flist, I'm sincerely sorry about that. Please let me know. Hopefully I'll get back to a little more regular friends list reading once I get out of here. Maybe.

*sneeze* Back to the Big Brother house.
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