Tiia (finnstardust) wrote,


Oops, two weeks since the latest entry...that must be a record.

So. Still in Hillston, for maybe a week and a half more. Was supposed to work today but some f***ing idiots decided to take the car out yesterday evening while drunk and ended up crashing it. The guys are fine, the car isn't, thus we have no transport to work. The boss has gone down to Mildura to try and get another car so I don't know if there's work tomorrow either. It pisses me off so badly, we were doing really well and making good money and then these childish people ruin it for everyone. I'm really hoping they'll get fired but knowing our boss, they won't. He's a complete loser when it comes to these things. I don't even know if they have to pay for the car to get fixed.

So yeah, it's interesting here. The boss keeps us well supplied with beer, every single day in fact. Which of course goes down well with the aforementioned idiots (these are new people by the way, who arrived last week and were not a part of the original group) who get drunk every day, are really loud and piss off the motel manager who's threatened to throw everyone out at least five times by now. It's not good since it affects people who haven't done anything like that. Argh.

But other than these people being a pain in our collective asses, we're still having a good time here, though starting to feel a little claustrophobic. I do not know how anyone could live here long term, and it's so completely landlocked as well...I need my beach!
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