Tiia (finnstardust) wrote,

It's hot. Like really hot.

So, Melbourne is going to be 40 degrees (Celsius) tomorrow. That's about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Today was 38 or so and it didn't actually feel that bad...except after coming out of air-conditioned buildings. Air-conditioning is my best friend.

I start work on Monday on the farm near Culcairn, which is probably going to be really hot. The guy running the farm seems really nice (at least on phone) and hopefully either he or his wife will pick me up from the station on Monday. Then we're going to bull sales. That might be interesting...I still haven't made up my mind on whether to get Telstra or just cross my fingers that Vodafone might work at least a little bit on the farm. Getting Telstra would probably mean getting yet another phone, which means I'd have three. I honestly have no idea why I got Vodafone in the first place when I hated it in England and ended up switching to Virgin Mobile.

I'm also a complete idiot and somehow managed to leave my "cowgirl" hat in the Sydney hostel. I didn't even remember the hat at all until last night in the bus when I suddenly realized I hadn't seen the thing at all since Monday. So I texted my friend Sarah who's in Sydney and she went to get my hat from Wakeup. And now the hat is going to a surf camp up the East Coast with Sarah while I'm down here. I suppose she could post it to me or something...Gah, I'm so annoyed at myself.

So, it's going to be 25 degrees tonight. I doubt we'll be sleeping much. Tomorrow sightseeing with alyssa22. Must bring lots of sunscreen...

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