Tiia (finnstardust) wrote,

Sydney weather: flash bang flash bang flash

It's chilly. It's only 20 C and cloudy *sniffle*. I realize it's not actually chilly at all but damn, you can really feel the drop in the temperature. We're so used to the heat by now that we've gone from "ooh, sun!" to "ooh, shade!" With the temperature drop came cool thunderstorms (or maybe the other way around), which then again aren't so cool when one is stuck mid-Kings Cross in the hurricane winds, rain, flashing and banging, trying to cross the street. Have I mentioned Australia has the slowest traffic lights in the world? Or maybe it's just Sydney...

So I haven't really done anything worth mentioning over the last few days. In fact, I can't remember what I've done. It feels like I've been here forever, and I keep reading Lonely Planet with hopes of finding something I haven't yet seen in Sydney but I think I've pretty much done it all. Tomorrow we go to the Blue Mountains. That'll be something new. I bought myself a pair of good walking shoes that will hopefully get me through whatever hikes I might end up doing here. 12 dollars at Target. Now that's a bargain, even if they break down on me at some point. They feel really good to walk in, so I'm happy.

The Norwegian girls in our room left for their new place in Manly and in came two Swedish girls. The Scandinavian invasion continues...

I'll try to update before I go to Tamworth on Sunday, but in case I don't manage it, you might not hear from me in a week. I don't know if they have Internet on the farm. If they don't, I'll report back after the course - unless I've fallen from a horse and broken my arms...

And it just started to rain like crazy. Yippee.
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