Tiia (finnstardust) wrote,


*stares at computer screen*

*wonders what to write*

I still haven't located a computer place where I could hook my camera in so no photos for you guys yet *sigh*. I might just take my own laptop to the nearest Starbucks for wireless access. There is one about 10-minute walk away. We went to Taronga Zoo yesterday and I'd have fluffy cuddly koala pics to share...

I think I'm either getting a cold or I'm allergic to the city fumes after such a long time on the country. If something like that is possible...the same thing happened to me in New York. My throat is sore-ish and I think the jetlag is at its worst today - others like Ida have crashed to bed every night at six thus far while I've been okay until almost midnight and then waking somewhere between four and six in the morning. No wonder I'm feeling a bit run-down. Blah. The other people in my room are students desperately trying to find flats in Sydney - listening to them I'm thankful I don't have to do that.

I applied for a tax file number today and asked the headquarters for some office jobs - need to email my resume to agencies. If nothing comes out of it, then I'll just head out of Sydney and go fruit-picking or something. I found a cool safari kind of trip from Adelaide to Darwin that I'd like to do - camping under the stars at the outback sounds rather nice. There is so much to do and even though a year feels like a long time, it probably won't even be enough...

*goes for a nap*
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