Tiia (finnstardust) wrote,

So much walking...hot...blaah

I'm loving the sun but man, when it really shines, it's hot. And then when it's cloudy and the wind picks up, it's nearly freezing. Hmph. The sun is effective though - there is colour on my arms and I never usually tan.

So. This morning I changed residences and I'm now at Kings Cross, not the seedy area but Victoria Street, and this hostel seems really nice. There is a TV, fridge, kettle etc. in all rooms. I haven't watched any Aussie TV yet. This place is so nice that Ida, who came with me to check it out, decided to move in here as well tomorrow. Though she might get a job at the Original Backpackers next door and move there. I haven't even thought about jobs yet...I want to do a jillaroo course, the kind of thing where they teach you to ride a horse and to crack a whip and muster cattle etc etc. That would be so much fun. They're organized some 5 hours north of Sydney, so I might do that before heading to wherever I'm heading next. It would be cool to work on a farm for a while.

Anyway, we walked through Royal Botanical Gardens, which are gorgeous, got spooked by spider webs and laughed at flying foxes hanging from trees. So funny. I've got pics but the computers here (as usual) won't let me hook the camera on. But I'll go around the corner at some point to a Internet cafe thing and do it there. I have my laptop with me but I don't know where to find wireless...We made our way to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House (which is smaller than I thought and nowhere near as white) and made the mistake of thinking we could find something to lunch on at Circular Quay. Yeah right. A backpacker's budget doesn't quite stretch to those prices. We ended up at McDonalds on The Rocks (well, there's gotta be one McDonalds visit in every trip)...and oh I spotted Starbucks!! Haa!

Then what did we do...we climbed up to some pub's beer garden, which was supposed to have amazing views over the harbour...well, there were views but not that amazing. Then I ended up catching the subway back to Kings Cross (the subway system seems really easy here) and despite my feet killing me, I took a look at the bad area ie. Darlinghurst Road and checked out Elizabeth Bay as well. And now the feet really are killing me but I'm supposed to go to Chinatown for dinner. I think tomorrow we're going to a zoo. And I need to buy a swimsuit since I couldn't find mine when I was packing, stupid thing, so I'll find a Target or something.

*wants to sleep*

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