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Qantas, I love you but...what's with all the food??

OMG this room is swaying...oh wait, that's just me and my jetlag.

I think I might just die.

I got almost no sleep on the flights, mostly due to Qantas Airways people obviously thinking passengers are constantly hungry. The amount of food...they were coming around with ice cream before the plane even departed London. Which happened two hours late due to horrendous fog, thus I sat on my ass for not 12 but 14 hours before we got to Singapore. I watched some stuff on the very cool personal screen with remote controls, there were a couple of episodes of House MD and despite my attempts to watch as many movies as possible, I only managed Atonement, most of Stardust and about half of Ratatouille.

The plane was the size of a three-storey house or two, and in London they took us to it by bus so standing almost next to the plane I remember wondering how that kind of a monster is going to stay up there. Luckily it did. So after a flight filled with turbulence I got to Sydney a little after eight last night, prepared to fight my case with the immigrant/customs/guarantine people. However, they allowed me in without any fighting, just asking if I had any medications (I'd ticked yes because of vitamins) and if there was any soil in my shoes. I offered to dig the shoes out of my luggage so they could check them but that wasn't necessary and the very friendly customs lady waved me on my way. Oh and thankfully my bag made it too.

On the airport, I located the hostel guy who'd come to pick me up and then we waited and waited for some other people to show up. The guy was English and wants to study forensic psychology. How nice. So I sold York university to him. A really nice Norwegian girl arrived on time but the other two never showed so after waiting until ten we finally got into the train to the hostel. Nice views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House on the way. The hostel is...well, it's your typical party hostel and I'm kind of glad I can leave tomorrow. I didn't get much sleep as my room was full of loud German people. The orientation today was also full of Germans, with the exception of me, Jenni, Ida and Ilaria who's from Italy. The orientation basically consisted of scaring people witless with stories of spiders and snakes and dangerous currents, along with a girl (German!!) talking about travelling through Australia and basically using just two words: heaps and nice. Yes, got that.

So now I'm sitting here, about to pass out and I probably should take a nap but we're going to take a walk in a moment to Darling Harbour. Pics will follow at some point. Oh and I bought a phone and a SIM card so if anyone wants my Aussie phone number it's 04065 83610. Gotta go charge my new toy...And I need to go demand money back from the front desk for that train yesterday. Yay.
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