Quick, quick...

A very quick fly-by post from Darwin, Internet time is running out...It's been nice and warm here for the past week, though quite windy so not as bad as I expected. It's quite small so there isn't much to do, and I think that by the time one has been in every location mentioned in Lonely Planet's "Sights" section, it's time to move on...

Went to Kakadu National Park for a day tour last Saturday, it was very pretty. Pics will be somewhere at some point. Next stop is Cairns, flight goes at 5.20 tomorrow morning. Have to catch the airport shuttle at 2.45 am. Fun times. Will be interesting to see how much extra luggage Jetstar will let me take and how much I might have in the first place.

Must's kicking me out.

Pics of The Rock Tour

Ugh. If ever there was a place where I've felt completely an outsider, it would be Alice Springs. The Aboriginals here are scary and, quite frankly, weird. They freak me out. I don't want to even go to town, really. But I have to be here until Monday when I catch the train to Darwin, so...I'll just hang out at the hostel, mostly. Luckily there's wireless here as well...

Anyways. Just wanted to give you some pictures of my three-day tour of the famous Rock, Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Kings Canyon. Absolutely breathtaking, all three of them, but my favourite would have to be Kata Tjuta. Everyone, EVERYONE, should go do the Valley of the Winds walk over there. It's almost 8 kilometres and it has some rough climbing but the views, oh my God. Sadly they don't look anywhere near as amazing in the pictures, which is why you need to see it for yourself. Highly recommended.

We had a very good time. I was lucky as everyone in the group, as well as the tour guide, were great. Wonderful three days (and two nights, sleeping outside in the swags...)

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Wineries on the left, wineries on the right...

Hmm, so apparently McLeod's Daughters is filmed in Barossa Valley. Wouldn't have thought that, since when I watched it I never saw anything winery-related and the place is filled with them. But that's what our tour guide said: "It's filmed right over there." Pointing somewhere to the general direction of plenty of fields.

So, now I know how to taste wine correctly. That's exactly what we did on the tour, all day until everyone was a little tipsy-ish and more than a little happy. Jacob's Creek, Vine Crest, Richmond Grove and Bethany. Sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, port. Apparently one is not allowed to use the word champagne anymore, it's sparkling wine. Boohoo.

We also saw the world's biggest rocking horse (!) and the Whispering Wall, which was actually amazing - you can whisper something on one end and the people on the other end (about 100 metres away) will hear it crystal-clear. This was discovered a long time ago when the wall (or a dam) was built and a couple of workers were bitching about their boss, who was at the other side. Needless to say what happened to them...

I have pictures on Facebook, these links should be accessible also to people who don't have an account there. Barossa Valley is gorgeous but the bloody sunlight ruined some of my pictures, it's just too bright for them to come out right. Some other pictures can be found there as well, if anyone's interested. I haven't had the chance yet to put any descriptions to them so use your imagination...

Barossa Valley:
Adelaide & Glenelg:
Victoria coast (Geelong etc.):
Sydney (though most were already posted on LJ):

Tomorrow's my last day in Adelaide *sniffle*. I really like it.
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Free internet!

Ooh, Adelaide hostel has free wireless internet. I love Adelaide hostel (Backpack Oz on Wakefield Street). It's a great one in all other respects as well, with friendly, helpful staff, free breakfast, good beds etc. And it's not very busy right now, there's just one other girl in my room. It's great to have some privacy every once in a while.

Adelaide is a lovely city overall, with lots of beautiful buildings, nice parks and plenty of restaurants to choose from. I could spend a week on Rundle Mall, which is the main shopping street, and it's nice to just walk around though I'm not supposed to buy anything. And North Terrace is awesome as well, with the University of Adelaide campus and all that. Now that's what a university is supposed to look like, with big old buildings. Pretty. The only less-that-nice thing is the shitty tap water which isn't really up for drinking, I tried and thought it wasn't too bad at first but...nah. Bring on Coles bottled water. I'm probably going to be here until Sunday, and on Friday I'm heading to a tour of Barossa Valley and some wineries. I've heard the tour is very good but they do give out a lot of free wine until everyone is somewhat nauseous...Maybe I'll even manage to put some pics up now that I have wireless. I definitely should be able to put some on Facebook as that's faster than LJ.

The train trip was mostly pleasant, with the exception of it there being not much space to stretch out as the train was almost full. I do have to say that Amtrak trains in the US win by a mile when it comes to leg room and overall amenities of the train, but this one was all right as well. The next one will be 19 hours to Alice Springs on The Ghan. Which I need to book soonish...

I think I'm poor...

Holy mother. I probably should be used to the price of things in Australia by now, but still they shock me every single day. I don't know why. Maybe it's because before I came over, people were saying I would find it cheaper than back home. Yeah, that's the biggest lie of the century.

Maybe I'm just over-vigilant over spending money (which I know I am) but when I go to a shopping mall and the only places I can afford to buy clothes are Target and K-Mart, there is something wrong with the picture. And it's not just Sydney either, though I'm there right now, I've discovered the same thing consistently over the past four months. Even in bloody England I was able to afford more stuff than here, including clothes. It's madness. And don't even get me started about food...

Heading to Adelaide tomorrow, on a train romantically named The Indian Pacific. Australia's great train journeys...we'll see how great it is when it comes to trying to sleep in the train. As it takes 25 hours to get to Adelaide. I actually managed to sleep a little on the overnight train from Melbourne, though I was sick - my stomach's been a little funny ever since the accident and I spent a couple of hours in the beginning of the trip in the toilet throwing up. Feeling sick in the train when it's all shaky and jerky is the best thing in the world...not.

Anyone seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet? I might go see it in Adelaide, though ticket prices are not making it especially tempting.
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Ooh city!!

OMG noodles place! OMG McDonalds! OMG Pizza Hut! OMG shops!!!!

Can you tell I've finally managed to get out of Hillston?:)

I'm currently in Mildura again, and damn, it looks like a proper big metropolitan city though it's not that big. We're at Oasis Backpackers, which is...well, allright, once we managed to buy lightbulbs (there was no light whatsoever in the dorm room) and get the room to warm up (it was freezing). Seriously, I did not think I'd be this cold in Australia. It is unbelievable. There is also a cat here, a grey one, a little like one of mine though this one is short haired.

I'm heading out on Wednesday, to Sydney and then hopefully to Adelaide soonish. I bought myself a train pass, which allows me 6 months of unlimited train travel so I think after Adelaide I will head up to Darwin and stop to see the big red rock on the way.

Also, thank you everyone for your kind comments on my last post *hugs*. Michael (the driver) is doing better, apparently, but whether he'll end up with any brain damage, we don't yet know. His family came over from Germany so he'll probably be taken back home for rehabilitation and all that stuff. What a horrible way to end an adventure like this.
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no comment

Definitely never auditioning for Big Brother...

Aarghbleurgh....*flops down on keypad*

Am sick-ish. Seems like the flu is doing rounds in our Big Brother house complex - yes, that's what it feels like when you've been living, working, eating, everything with the same 10 or so people for nearly five weeks. I seriously need to get out of here...

Might get out next weekend, if I'm lucky. There isn't much work left, and last week was crap anyway: Monday off because of the rain, Thursday off because frigging GPS (they use GPS to find out the exact location where the trees are to be planted, can you believe that?) wasn't working. Days off in a town of 1000 people are pure hell, I can tell you that. And today's another one...

I have no idea what's going on in the lives of my dear flist, I'm sincerely sorry about that. Please let me know. Hopefully I'll get back to a little more regular friends list reading once I get out of here. Maybe.

*sneeze* Back to the Big Brother house.
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Always rain

Blame it on the weatherman

Another day off, this time due to it raining cats and dogs all day yesterday. Thus it is too wet over at the work site to do anything. It frigging never rains here, never, and during the time we've been here it's rained twice. And when it rains, it pours. We got another car last week (I have no idea what happened to the one that was crashed) so ended up missing just one day of work because of that stupid accident, luckily.

We have also moved. The motel owner lady got fed up with the constant partying and loudness so we had to come to these box-like self-contained apartments in the town centre. They are actually better, as we have a big fridge and better cooking facilities, the only problem is there are no pots or pans really to cook in and I'm not planning to buy any to carry around. Oh well. Still nicer than the motel was, and the same price too.

Yawn...brain not working today. There was a party last night. Too much wine. Sleepy.
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Oops, two weeks since the latest entry...that must be a record.

So. Still in Hillston, for maybe a week and a half more. Was supposed to work today but some f***ing idiots decided to take the car out yesterday evening while drunk and ended up crashing it. The guys are fine, the car isn't, thus we have no transport to work. The boss has gone down to Mildura to try and get another car so I don't know if there's work tomorrow either. It pisses me off so badly, we were doing really well and making good money and then these childish people ruin it for everyone. I'm really hoping they'll get fired but knowing our boss, they won't. He's a complete loser when it comes to these things. I don't even know if they have to pay for the car to get fixed.

So yeah, it's interesting here. The boss keeps us well supplied with beer, every single day in fact. Which of course goes down well with the aforementioned idiots (these are new people by the way, who arrived last week and were not a part of the original group) who get drunk every day, are really loud and piss off the motel manager who's threatened to throw everyone out at least five times by now. It's not good since it affects people who haven't done anything like that. Argh.

But other than these people being a pain in our collective asses, we're still having a good time here, though starting to feel a little claustrophobic. I do not know how anyone could live here long term, and it's so completely landlocked as well...I need my beach!
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